CASTING CALL! The 13th Hour Returns!

The 13th Hour

Casting Call – The 13th Hour




Deadline: September 22, 2014

We are looking for volunteer voice actors (this is a NON-PAID, VOLUNTEER ONLY gig) to voice parts in upcoming productions. The most recent episode, “The Old Mine”, is the fourth in a series of short stories written by young and aspiring writers as part of the Poudre River Public Library District‘s Short, Short Spooky Story Contest. This episode is slated for November 2014.

Giant Gnome Productions, in a special partnership with the Poudre River Public Library District, will be adapting and producing the short stories into audio dramas and releasing them as part of our 13th Hour Anthology.

Remember, this is a non-paid, volunteer-only production. If you would like to submit an audition, please follow the guidelines below. Thank you, and happy recording!


  • For this production, please use only the audition lines below.
  • Auditions will only be accepted in CD QUALITY .WAV or 192 kbps .MP3 format.
  • Please make sure there are no pops, hisses, scratches, etc. in your recording.
  • The quality of recording will have an impact on whether you are cast or not.
  • The auditions for this production will end: September 2, 2014 for all roles.
  • We will accept re‐auditions on a case-by-case basis. Please put your best effort forward.
  • Please send all auditions and questions to:
  • PLEASE — Label the audition files like this: CHARACTERNAME_YOURNAME.MP3/WAV
  • If you submit more than one audition, please send them in a zip file.
  • PLEASE – preface your audition with your full name so we know how to pronounce it.


  • CHLOE: High school girl
  • KATIE: High school girl
  • GHOST VOICES: one male and one female, creepy, eerie voices
  • BRAD: High school boy


  • CHLOE:
    • Line 1: Come on, Katie! Please?? I really need your help. You know how much trouble I’m having with Mr. Barnes’ homework assignment. I just don’t get this whole sentence diagramming stuff…
    • Line 2: Katie, please! The old silver mine is just a hole in the ground; and it’s been abandoned for years!
  • KATIE:
    • Line 1: Brad would never let me hear the end of it. He’d laugh at me, call me a baby, and then go back to playing his zombie video game. Besides…like you said, I’m probably being silly. It’s less than a mile. I’ll be fine. Look…I even remembered to bring a flashlight this time.
    • Line 2: [IN A SINGING VOICE] Sing your way home at the close of the day. Sing your way home; drive the shadows away….sing your…
    • Line 1: [IN A GHOSTLY, EERIE WHISPERY VOICE] Come to the light…come to the light.
  • BRAD:
    • Line 1: And…you need to calm down…Let’s get you home. Mom is worried sick about you…
    • Line 2: Katie! Are you OK? My gosh, you’re bleeding!!!

Good luck and happy recording!!