CASTING CALL! The 13th Hour – “Heat”

The 13th Hour

Casting Call – The 13th Hour




Deadline: October 20, 2014

We are looking for volunteer voice actors (this is a NON-PAID, VOLUNTEER ONLY gig) to voice parts in upcoming productions. The most recent episode, “Heat”, is part of our ongoing anthology of stories in the 13th Hour Series.

Remember, this is a non-paid, volunteer-only production. If you would like to submit an audition, please follow the guidelines below. Thank you, and happy recording!


  • For this production, please use only the audition lines below.
  • Auditions will only be accepted in CD QUALITY .WAV or 192 kbps .MP3 format.
  • Please make sure there are no pops, hisses, scratches, etc. in your recording.
  • The quality of recording will have an impact on whether you are cast or not.
  • The auditions for this production will end: October 20, 2014 for all roles.
  • We will accept re‐auditions on a case-by-case basis. Please put your best effort forward.
  • Please send all auditions and questions to: Please put “13th Hour: Heat” as the subject line
  • PLEASE — Label the audition files like this: CHARACTERNAME_YOURNAME.MP3/WAV
  • If you submit more than one audition, please send them in a zip file.
  • PLEASE – preface your audition with your full name so we know how to pronounce it.


  • ENSIGN NORRIS A security officer of the USS Dauntless
  • LIEUTENANT MENDOZA A security officer of the USS Dauntless
  • DR. PAUL OSGOOD The USS Dauntless’ Medical Officer
  • CAPTAIN WILLIAM THATCHER: Captain of the USS Dauntless
  • DIRECTOR JENSEN: Director of Osiris Base


    Line 1: According to the base’s maps,Captain, the control section isn’t far. Hopefully, Lt. Mendoza and I can get the lights working from there.

    Line 2: We could call the Dauntless. Commander Piller could send down whatever you need in another shuttle.

    Line 1: I’d advise against that. Unless I can stabilize him here, I don’t think he’d survive the trip.

    Line 2: Ensign, you said the control section of the base is nearby.

    Line 1: I wish I knew, Doc. According to our records, Osiris Base has a crew complement of 47.

    Line 2: Scan for life signs, Mendoza. Hopefully, we can pick something up now that we’re inside the base.

    Line 1: Captain, I’m…… SCREAM IN PAIN….Captain! Help me!
    Line 1: Answering a distress call in outer space is always risky. However, when Captain William Thatcher of the U.S.S. Dauntless received the SOS from Director Jensen of Osiris Base 1. . .
    Line 1: We need help! Please! This is Director Carl Jensen of Osiris Base 1 on the planet Pontra. We’re a science research station. We’re not equipped for combat. Please help!

Good luck and happy recording!!