Casting Call – Giant Gnome Production’s Star Trek: Outpost – Episode 5


GnomesA couple of pointers before auditioning:

* We will only accept auditions in CD QUALITY WAV or 192 kbps MP3
* Please when auditioning, make sure there are no pops, hisses, scratches etc in your recording.
* The auditions end: Saturday, May 16th, 2009 for all roles.
* We will accept re-auditions on a per person basis. Please put your best effort forward.
* The email that these auditions should be sent to is:
* PLEASE – Label the audition files like this: CHARACTERNAME_YOURNAME.MP3/WAV
* If you submit more than one audition, please send them in a zip file.
* Thank you and break a leg!


Any race; any gender. Anywhere from mid-thirties to late sixties. Competent engineer aboard the Pirate Vessel Solar Winds who is respectful and fearful of his/her captain.

LINE 1: As near as I can figure it out, when the discharge hit our shields, it actually drew power from them, and fed the shield energy back into the shield generators. From there, it traveled through connecting systems damaging the connections, rather than actually damaging the equipment itself… I’d suggest spending a week in dock rechecking everything, but we’re good to go for now.

LINE 2: (PUZZLED…HOW DOES THIS HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE SHIP?) I can’t imagine he doesn’t. Why? But I hope you’re not suggesting we raid …


Any race; any gender. Anywhere from low twenties to early thirties. May not be the brightest bulb in the garden, but earnest and helpful.

LINE 1: (CALLING AFTER) A reminder, sirs, that you are entering a restricted zone and all conversations are monitored and recorded.


Alien merchant. Gender and age as appropriate to species, but an older, established businessbeing. Harried by the day-to-day stress of keeping a business going under trying circumstances. A good guy, willing to help a friend, but practical and unwilling to throw good resources after bad.

LINE 1: (OVER COMM) Look, Yurrel, I’ll help you in any way I can. After all, some of my cargo was on the Profitable Venture, and now you owe me for it, but I’ve had to rebook everything we had a contract on. If something else comes in the door in the next couple weeks, or one of my other transport jobs runs into a snag, I might be able to throw some work your way, but I need to know what your capabilities are, first.

LINE 2: (OVER COMM) … But only if you have a cargo lined up. And no-one’s going to commit a cargo until you have a ship. Yurrel, we’ve talked about these arrangements many times before over Saurian Brandies. They never end well. (SIGH) Let me ask around. I might be able to find something that will help you start working off your debts.


Male, mid 30s-40s. Intergalactic hauler. Low on the rung of commerce. Has more ambition than moxie. Picture one of those smarmy guys from the biker bar down the street.

LINE 1: You’re calling in my marker already? Goshen, look, I knew you were new to the lending industry when I came to you … as a last resort… but I assumed you knew that you have to at least give me a chance to make a few runs on the engine repairs I had done with the latinum you lent me! Remember? The longer you hold my marker, the more interest you earn on the loan.

LINE 2: (TO HIS OWN CREW) Is this translator working right? I just heard the Ferengi say he didn’t want the latinum!


MALE, Any age, any species. Even lower on the rung of commerce than Dersik. Less ambition, less moxie, more of a taste for fermented beverages.

LINE 1: (OVER COMM) He can’t come to the Comm right now; he’s sleeping. Besides, we’re supposed to be running silent. It’s getting dangerous out here! Never know when you’re going to be blown out of the stars! Like the Pinch wasn’t bad enough on its own, now we have to deal with phaser-happy pirates!