Casting Call – Star Trek: Outpost – Episode 4: Maneuvers and Deceptions

A casting call for the continuation of Giant Gnome Production’s

Star Trek: Outpost

series.  A powerful visitor comes to Deep Space 3 – with some unexpected answers –
and new problems — for the crew of the Chimera.

A couple of pointers before everyone begins auditioning.

  • We will only accept auditions in CD QUALITY WAV or 192 kbps MP3
  • Please when auditioning, make sure there are no pops, hisses, scratches etc in your recording. ( You guys know that…….)
  • The auditions end: Sunday, March 15, 2009 for all roles.
  • We will accept re-auditions on a per person basis. Please put your best effort forward.
  • The email that these auditions should be sent to is:
  • PLEASE – Label the audition files like this: CHARACTERNAME_YOURNAME.MP3/WAV
  • If you submit more than one audition, please send them in a zip file.
  • So… let’s get to it! Thank you and good luck!

Happy Recording!

Grandpa Exler

Human (well, Sigma Iotian) male. Fifties or Sixties. Accent reminiscent of 1920s-’30’s Chicago. Warm, comfortable voice, as everyone would want to remember their grandfather. A bit rough around the edges, which qualifies as an ideal for Sigma Iotians.

Line 1: It’s not so bad. I meet up with Murray down at the market to swap a few lies, tell a few jokes, and buy some fresh vegetables. Every once in a while I even stop in at Jojo’s for a quick one with the boys. (PAUSE) But you didn’t come here to keep an old man company. What’s on your mind…?

Line 2: Just you, but because of your Doctor Winston’s machinations, I’ve learned to anticipate your …(WITH SARCASM) friend…(BACK TO NORMAL) showing up when you get in one of your moods. You know that the two of you are (PAUSE) about the only company I get these days (LONELY SIGH)… It’s been like that since your grandma passed…

Yeoman Tovar-Smith

Any gender or character race. Young. Insecure, though this may be a recent personality trait. Always walking on eggshells because he/she is frequently the target of Captain Buchanan’s ire and angry outbursts. A competent, though inexperienced officer whose sense of self-worth is taking a beating in his/her current posting.

Line 1: I’m sorry to interrupt, Captain. We’ve just received notice that Task Force 51 under the command of Admiral Thomas is on final approach to the station and will be docking in twenty minutes. I thought you’d want to know immediately.

Sometimes … sir … when he has a lot on his mind … he shortens my name from Tovar-Smith to just Smith. I don’t mind at all, sir. He’s … got a lot on his mind.

Admiral Thomas

Human Male. Late forties to early sixties. An important officer from an important, and self-important, Starfleet family. He values family and duty. Unfortunately, in that order. Not that he would ever betray the Federation, but he isn’t above using his influence in Starfleet to forward his family’s interests. He likes to project an airy, almost jovial, façade, but he doesn’t like to be crossed or questioned, and his mood can change quickly if he’s not getting his way.

Line 1: Excellent, excellent. I believe I can smell the Gagh from here. You must have peeked at my dossier. I believe we can skip the receiving line, Captain. I’ll just meet your staff informally at this reception you’ve put together. Lead the way.

Line 2: My boy, the middle of a party might not be the best place to talk secrets, but if you want privacy, there is nowhere better.

Line 3: (SERIOUS) Commander, you might want to think about whether you want to have an Admiral looking over your shoulder to help where he can, or bury you where no-one is going to look!