CASTING CALL! The 13th Hour – “Cookies for Mr. Martin”

The 13th Hour

Casting Call – The 13th Hour


“Cookies for Mr. Martin”


Deadline: August 28, 2015

We are looking for volunteer voice actors (this is a NON-PAID, VOLUNTEER ONLY gig) to voice parts in upcoming productions. The most recent episode, “Cookies for Mr. Martin”, is part of our ongoing anthology of stories in the 13th Hour Series.

Remember, this is a non-paid, volunteer-only production. If you would like to submit an audition, please follow the guidelines below. Thank you, and happy recording!


  • For this production, please use only the audition lines below.
  • Auditions will only be accepted in CD QUALITY .WAV or 192 kbps .MP3 format.
  • Please make sure there are no pops, hisses, scratches, etc. in your recording.
  • The quality of recording will have an impact on whether you are cast or not.
  • The auditions for this production will end: October 20, 2014 for all roles.
  • We will accept re‐auditions on a case-by-case basis. Please put your best effort forward.
  • Please send all auditions and questions to: Please put “13th Hour: Cookies for Mr. Martin” as the subject line
  • PLEASE — Label the audition files like this: CHARACTERNAME_YOURNAME.MP3/WAV
  • If you submit more than one audition, please send them in a zip file.
  • PLEASE – preface your audition with your full name so we know how to pronounce it.


  • KEN – A male poker buddy of Doug Martin (20s’s-30’s)
  • DOUG MARTIN – A tenant of a big city apartment building. Doug is your “average Joe” in his 20’s-30’s
  • IRA – A poker buddy of Doug Martin (20’s-30’s)
  • EMILIA FIEDLER – The elderly widow neighbor of Doug Martin
  • MRS. PERRY – A female tenant (30’s-ish) in Doug Martin’s apartment building; mother of a young daughter.
  • COLLINS – A somewhat-officious male tenant of Doug Martin’s apartment. He’s the head of the building association. (40’s-50’s)


    • KEN:
      Line 1: Who’s she? The little old lady that lives down the hall?
      Line 2: If she brought cookies, she’s OK with me.
      Line 1: It all started innocently enough – or so I thought at the time. A couple of the guys were over to play some poker. . .
      Line 2: How should I know? I lost my x-ray glasses at the beach last weekend.
      Line 3: Not to seem ungrateful, but. . .uhm. . . why don’t you bake fewer cookies?
      Line 4: You had to be there. There was something about her face when she told me that.
    • IRA:
      Line 1: Cookies and beer is an odd mix, but I can take it.
      Line 2: So what? As long as she keeps baking those cookies, she can have twenty cats.
      Line 1: I won’t stay long. (beat) I was wondering if you and your friends might like some cookies.
      Line 2: The recipe I have is for a batch big enough for my boys and – God rest his soul – my husband. I’ve never been able to figure out how to scale it back! (beat) Besides, I enjoy baking. . . and cooking too. It reminds me of better days.
      Line 3: I’m afraid not. He’s very shy. . .still getting used to his new home, I suppose.
      Line 4: I. . . I must have taken the wrong box. I’ll bet there’s an empty one on the kitchen counter. Silly me.
    • MRS. PERRY:
      Line 1: That’s an understatement. We were up all night looking in every nook and cranny of our condo!
      Line 2: I’m afraid not. I came down here to see if any of the phone number tags had been removed from the poster.
      (sighs) Not a one.
    • COLLINS:
      Line 1: Let the record show that members have voted to accept the offer of John Pantuso and Sons for the repaving of the parking lot.
      Line 2: Also, I would like to remind Mr. Martin that these first-Monday-of-the-month meetings begin at 7:00 p.m., not 7:12.
      Line 2: I’m afraid the board can offer no solution to this problem at the moment, but we will continue to diligently look into it.


Good luck and happy recording!!