Doctor Who: Legends of a Time Lord

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Giant Gnome Production’s is proud to present it’s original take on the Doctor Who franchise.  David Maciver heads up a talented cast as Giant Gnome’s Doctor, with Sammy Rey as Emily Whitrose, his steadfast companion.  A homage to the Doctors of old, each adventure is in several parts, spanning hours of enjoyable audio drama.  Join us as we embark on a new journey, with a new Doctor, to explore the universe with it’s vast array of wonders, oddities, and of course, dangers.

“I seemed to have pushed or pulled something I
shouldn’t have. Nothing to do but to push and pull a few
more and hope for the best.”

-The Doctor

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Doctor Who: Legends of a Time Lord – Blackbird Part 2 – Christmas Special 2011

Blackbird Part 2! (Be sure to listen to Part 1!) The birds are circling, the Doctor is arriving, and Christmas is here. The Doctor accidentally arrives in 1693 Edwarton Colony, and instead of the peaceful holiday Emily and Daniel were hoping for, the trio are in for another great adventure!

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Cast and Crew

David Maciver as The Doctor
Sammy Rey as Emily Whitrose
Steven Jay Cohen as Daniel Burlingame

Announcer: Gareth Bowley
Ryan Cassavaugh
Waleed Ovase
Director/Audio Engineer:
John Noble
Original Theme: Matthew McLaren