The 13th Hour

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The 13th hour tolls for someone… is it you? It is the dark side of midnight and time to face your innermost fears. Here, shadows overpower and banish the light, freeing the monsters of your imagination. When the 13th Hour strikes, so does the fear inside us all.

The 13th Hour is Giant Gnome Production’s original horror anthology. Have a story you want to submit? Let us know!

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Production Team

Written by: CJ Hurtt, Todd Banks, Nick Armstrong, Betty J. Simecka, Charles Kaine, and more…
Audio Engineered by: MJ Cogburn, Nick Armstrong
Music graciously provided by: Virgil Franklin, Kevin Macleod, and Jim Paterson
Produced by: Tony Raymond, Waleed Ovase, Nick Armstrong
Directed by: Tony Raymond, Nick Armstrong

The Executive Producers of Giant Gnome Productions are Nick Armstrong, Daniel McIntosh, and Tony Raymond