13th Hour – Episode 1 – “GoldField”

Giant Gnome Productions is proud to announce the latest episode of our Original Horror Anthology: 13th Hour, Episode 1: GoldField

13th Hour - GoldField

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A former Pinkerton detective learns that ghosts of the past – and hidden secrets – have a way of coming back from the grave.

Cast and Crew

Written by CJ Hurtt
Audio Engineered by MJ Cogburn


Megan Pressley as Elizabeth
Kim Gianopolous as Emma Carlton
Jon Specht as Phil Carlton
Perry Whittle as Fred Cooper
Melissa Johnson as Jane Wilson
Mark Zaricor as George Wingfield
Abner Senires as the Man
Tyrone Wells as the Announcer and Jason
Steve Carter as Pinkerton Detective Steve Murphy.
Jon Specht as the TimeKeeper
Perry Whittle as the GraveDigger

Music graciously provided by: Virgil Franklin, Kevin Macleod and Jim Paterson
Produced by: Tony Raymond and Waleed Ovase
Directed by: Tony Raymond
The Executive Producers of Giant Gnome Productions are Nick Armstrong, Daniel McIntosh, and Tony Raymond