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Meet Detective John Wallace.He’s brash, he’s dirty, and his manners leave something to be desired.He also gets the job done. He’s the second in command of Mars Police Force Precinct 26, but what he really wants to be is a SpaceNet Officer. Join Detective John Wallace as he ascends from a lowly Police Detective, to a prestigious SpaceNet Officer. Thanks for listening.

“You guys really put the ‘tard’ in Bastard.”

-Detective John Wallace

Most Recent Episode

Space Net – Episode 1 – Night of the Sleepless Bandit, Part 1

Space Net – Episode 1 – Night of the Sleepless Bandit, Part 1 – Detective John Wallace is called into Rusty’s office to discover that he’s being given an assignment that might actually kill him, and will probably endanger the entire precinct. When he begins to investigate, he has a rather unpleasant surprise from an old friend…

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Cast and Crew

Bill McIntosh as Detective John Wallace
Nick Wold
as Detective Robert Walkins
Barry Smith as Lieutenant Paul “Rusty” Harriman
Jon Specht as Frank Garibaldi
Jules Ismail as Henry Larson
Tony Raymond as Terrence Whittaker

Announcer: Waleed Ovase
Written, Directed, Produced and Post-Produced by:
Waleed Ovase