The Gnomes

The Gnomes at Denver Comic Con

What is Podcast Audio Drama?

Podcast Audio Drama, or Audio Theater, is old time radio for the digital age. You can download entire universes into your favorite media player!

Do you get paid for doing this?

No! Our voice actors, producers, musicians, foley artists, and writers are all amateurs and volunteers! No one is paid on our productions.

Here’s a rundown of our monthly costs:

  • Website Hosting (Amazon Lightsail): $3.50/mo
  • Audio File Hosting (Libsyn): $20/mo
  • Equipment, software, and other production-related expenses: $10/mo

Total current annual cost: $402

Who Are We?

Giant Gnome Productions was founded in 2008 by Waleed Ovase and joined shortly thereafter by Nick Armstrong, Daniel McIntosh, and Tony Raymond. Giant Gnome Productions specializes in creating a wide variety of audio drama productions, most notably Star Trek: Outpost – a Parsec Audio Award Winner.

Our niche is great audio drama, no matter what the story type. We love all genres, from Westerns to Horror, Star Trek to original sci-fi, and everything in between. Our shows are available directly from our site and on iTunes.

We’re regular presenters at both Denver Pop Culture Con, Fort Collins Comic Con, and StarFest conventions, where we teach on how to create great shows in the audio tradition.

We have a lot of fun here. We are always looking for new people interested in starting a new show or helping us out on our productions, or just interested in schmoozing with us on our various projects. If you’d like to join, please go to the Become a Gnome page.

Executive Producers

Retired Gnomes

Ryan Cassavaugh

Ryan Cassavaugh

Waleed Ovase

Waleed Ovase