Calling All Horror and Suspense Writers!

The 13th Hour

Giant Gnome Productions is looking to resurrect one of its more popular shows – The 13th Hour!

The 13th Hour was originally designed as an anthology program – each episode was a unique, stand-alone episode. Since the show was introduced, our staff has been pulled in a dozen different directions – but now, we feel it’s time to visit the moldering sanctum where it has resided for the past few years and drag its corpse back out into the twilight. And we need your help to resurrect it!

Everyone has stories to tell – great stories! And we’d like to help you bring your stories to life in the audio theatre! You won’t have to worry about the production of the story… including casting, directing, or post production – unless of course you’d like to, in which case we will help you! But primarily, what we are looking for is material to produce!

Who Can Submit?

Anyone is eligible to submit a script for consideration. If you are under the age of 13, you must have your parents’ permission or your submission will not be considered.

Please keep in mind that this is a hobby for all of us – and as much as we’d like to spend all day every day doing this, we just don’t have the time or manpower to make every script into an audio production. It’s nothing personal.

And importantly, since this is a hobby, there is no money to be made. This is all for fun! We do not charge you to submit a script, there is no fee, and you do not have to make a purchase of any kind. We all do this just for fun!

In the end, we get a script to produce and you get to bask in the glory of getting your story turned into an audio production! Your name will be all over the script, the website and any promotional materials created for the episode. Plus – you can download the episode to share with family and friends… but you will not be paid for your efforts. The episodes of The 13th Hour (with full crediting and attribution) will be posted on the Giant Gnome website for free downloading/listening by the fans.

Submission Guidelines

Here is what we are looking for:

  • Stand-alone episodes containing elements of horror and/or suspense. Each episode should not feature graphic violence or explicit sexual activity. Scripts with those elements will not be considered.
  • Scripts should be about 25-35 pages in length (in script format that equates to about 30-45 minutes long).
  • Each scripts should have a strong story with all-around good writing. Spelling and grammar count – A LOT! Even if an idea is terrific, a writer needs to have a good grasp of the English language in order to write for audio theatre – or an otherwise great idea dies under a flood of red ink. Good writing keeps the listeners on the edge of their seats… and wanting more!
  • Script submissions should include:
    • A brief synopsis of the script
    • A list of the cast of characters with a brief description of each character, including name, age, etc. If the character has a lisp, make sure you include that in the description. This will help in casting the part.
    • And, of course, the script.
  • Rights: By submitting your story to us, you agree to give us a perpetual, non-exclusive right via a Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution, Share-Alike license to modify it, convert it into an audio drama, and publicize it on our website. Whether we use your story or not, Giant Gnome Productions will never:
    • Plagiarize your work, publish your story without giving you credit, or try to sell your story
    • Steal your rights – you’ve just licensed the work to us to produce, you still own the copyright

How to Submit

Send your script submissions to: We prefer that you attach your script to the email in .doc, .docx, .txt, and .rtf files as attachments. Please do not send .pdf files. Due to the nature of the business, a script may need to be edited prior to production and usually .pdf files prevent this.

Please make sure you include your name and a reliable email where we can contact you.

The Process After Submission

After you have submitted a script to us, we will evaluate it for its suitability for use in The 13th Hour. Once a script is selected for production, for the most part, your work is done! We will cast the show, edit the lines, mix the episode and make sure that you get credit, accolades, and kudos for the script!

Some scripts may need to be edited before they can be produced. Our staff will handle minor edits; however, if a more extensive edit is needed, the script may be returned to you with suggestions on what needs to be changed before the script goes into production. Please keep in mind that requests for edits are not personal… we’re all working to tell the best story possible and even the best writers in the world had editors! We will do our very best to stay true to your vision as the author and will consult with you as needed.

Once a script has been accepted and approved, it could take up to several months to cast it, get lines recorded and the show mixed into its final form. Since this is a hobby, and all of us have “real jobs,” production usually happens at night and on the weekends. But don’t fret – we want to get scripts produced and posted on our website as quickly as possible!

So, dive in and get to writing! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!

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