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Star Trek: Outpost – Episode 69 – Charon’s Obol

Release Date: October 5, 2015

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While the Chimera tracks the Remington inside the mysterious Pinch, there is a growing danger afoot at the pirate haven known as The Enclave.

Cast and Crew (In Order of Appearance)

Written, produced, directed and audio engineered by Daniel McIntosh and Tony Raymond.

In order of appearance, the cast for this episode featured the voice talents of:

Katie Gomez as Lt. Commander Renova Exler
Jonathan Jackson as Lt. Commander Greg Torkelson/Younger Torkelson
Karen Cromey as Mother Thomas
Joseph Orr as Ensign Randy Thomas
Damon Fries as Lt. Owen Kyle
Deborah Adams as Lt. Karen Denali
Bill McIntosh as Grandpa Exler
Charles Bowman as Yeoman Walter Burghoff
Ben Cromey as Vurk
Doug Cromey as Tirgil
Tony Raymond as Vodic
Jon Specht as Chief Burt Knox
Myka Raymond as The Computer
Mark Comey as Kazin
Ali Baumgarter as Yortell /Old Yortell
Paul Lavelle as Capt. Russell Steele
RC Thorne as Commander Larry Pierce
Dustin Arquette as Dr. Hern Chinz
Rish Outfield as Commander Gant and Father Gant
Jeffrey Lincoln as John Harrison
Jim Wilhem as Grektok

FEATURING: Original Music provided courtesy of: Matthew McLaren from S&M Productions; Kevin MacLeod from, and Jared Cowing.

Announcer: Paul Lavelle
Writers/Directors/Producers/Audio Engineers: Daniel McIntosh and Tony Raymond