Star Trek: Outpost – Episode 2 – From Bad To Worse

Giant Gnome Productions presents…

Star Trek: Outpost – Episode 2 – From Bad To Worse

Release Date: May 5, 2009

Episode 2 – From Bad To Worse

Inside the mysterious area of space known as “The Pinch,” Lt. Exler and Dr. Winston have taken an away team aboard the doomed Ferengi ship Profitable Venture in search of survivors. Just as the last of the away team is about to beam back, the Ferengi vessel explodes, crippling the Chimera. Adrift among a sea of debris, the Chimera now sits nearly defenseless as her crew works desperately to repair the ship and return to the safety of DS3. The crew soon discovers, however, that they are not alone…

Cast & Crew

Robert Pepper as Lt. Commander Greg Torkelson
Katie Gomez as Lt. Renova Exler
Eleiece Krawiec as Dr. Rachel Winston
Jon Specht as Chief Burt “Hard” Knox
Jules Ismail as Goshen
Travis Whelpley as DaiMon Yurrel
Damon Fries as Ensign Kyle
Melissa D. Johnson as Lt. Karen Denali
MJ Cogburn as The Pirate Captain
Nick Armstrong as Giles
Kim Bertelson as Johnson
Myka Raymond as The Computer and PA Announcer
Waleed Ovase as Transporter Attendant

Announcer: Paul Lavelle
Writers/Directors/Producers: Daniel McIntosh and Tony Raymond
Executive Producer: Waleed Ovase
Audio Engineer: Tony Raymond