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Star Trek: Outpost – Episode 56 – Confrontation

Release Date: April 5, 2014

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When four Fesarius-class vessels surround DS3, and Betty demands the surrender of the station, Captain Buchanan is forced to confront one of Starfleet’s former allies – one that now threatens to bring the two powers to the brink of war.

Cast and Crew (In Order of Appearance)

Written, produced, directed and audio engineered by Daniel McIntosh and Tony Raymond.

In order of appearance, the cast for this episode featured the voice talents of:

Edward Winterrose as Capt. Montaine Buchanan
Daniel McIntosh as Captain Taldeen
Gareth Bowley as Yeoman Tovar Smith
Jonathan Jackson as Lt. Commander Greg Torkelson
Marline McKernan as Betty
Damon Fries as Ensign Owen Kyle
Joseph Orr as Ensign Randy Thomas
Katie Gomez as Lt. Renova Exler
C.C. Petersen as Captain Baker
Jon Specht as Chief Burt Knox
Patrick Stevens as Gasin Vestrock
Greg Littlefield as Lt. Nathaniel Farmer
Cary Ayere as Dr. Arban Breetal
Ben Cromey as Vurk
Doug Cromey as Tirgil
Ronikka Kendall as Commander Halette Geefron
Cathy Rinella as Lt. Jennifer Forrestal
Vincent Brownlee as Agent Yamanu Lancer
Myka Raymond as The Computer
Charles Bowman as Yeoman Walter Burghoff

FEATURING: Original Music provided courtesy of: Matthew McLaren from S&M Productions; Kevin MacLeod from, and Jared Cowing. Graphic images of the Fesarius-class ships provided courtesy of Kenneth Thomson Jr.

Announcer: Paul Lavelle
Writers/Directors/Producers/Audio Engineers: Daniel McIntosh and Tony Raymond