Star Trek: Outpost – Episode 47A – Memories of Miragosa

Giant Gnome Productions presents…

Star Trek: Outpost – Episode 47A – Memories of Miragosa

Release Date: June 10, 2013

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When two former Starfleet officers show up on Quin looking for a scavenger who’s been to the Miragosa nebula, they discover far more than they bargained for.

Cast and Crew (In Order of Appearance)

Andrew McVinnie as Dr. Pucket
Darrell VanFleet as Constable Dewer
Vincent Brownlee as Agent Lancer
Maddie VanFleet as Burnett
Sam VanFleet as Deragon

and as “The Bar Crowd”: Nick Armstrong, Cary Ayers, Vincent Brownlee, Chris Cree, Jaren J. Green, Pam Green, Eleiece Krawiec, Paul Lavelle, John Marte, Andrew McVinnie, Kala Meine, Pat Polniak, Lara Polniak, Todd Smith, Kala Meine, C.C. Petersen, Myka Raymond, Tony Raymond, Darrell VanFleet, Maddie VanFleet, and Sam VanFleet.


FEATURING: Original Music provided courtesy of: Matthew McLaren from S&M Productions, Kevin McLeod from, and Jared Cowing.

Announcer: Paul Lavelle
Writers/Directors/Producers/Audio Engineers: Daniel McIntosh and Tony Raymond
Executive Producer: Waleed Ovase