Doctor Who: Legends of a Time Lord – Blackbird – Christmas Special 2010

Giant Gnome Productions is Proud to Present:

Doctor Who: Legends of a Time Lord

Season 2 Christmas Special: Blackbird

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The birds are circling, the Doctor is arriving, and Christmas is here. The Doctor accidentally arrives in 1693 Edwarton Colony, and instead of the peaceful holiday Emily and Daniel were hoping for, the trio are in for another great adventure!

Cast and Crew

Featured in the cast were,
Kylie Howard as Anna
Helen Quigley as Elizabeth
Nathan Simmonds as Benjamin
Matthew McLaren as Bert
Brad Smith as Charlie
Alaisdar Stuart as Ephraim
Scott Stronach as Jacob
Rhys Ptolemy as Josias
Seth Adam Sher as Locke
Gareth Bowley as Reverend Wheelright
Tom Stitzer as Burlingame
Sammy Rey as Emily Whitrose
David Maciver as The Doctor

Announcer: Gareth Bowley
Producer: Waleed Ovase
Writer: Ryan Cassavaugh
Director/Audio Engineer: Scott Stronach