Of Kings and Time Travelers – Episode 1: Pilot

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Of Kings and Time Travelers – Episode 1: Pilot

Of Kings and Time Travelers

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In which, Rexx gets her first mission, Getlingsworth reveals a new toy, and John gets engaged.

Cast and Crew

Written and Produced by: Waleed Ovase
Directed, Post Produced, and Original Music by Matthew McLaren
Announcer: Ryes Ptolomey

Featured in the cast were:
Cheryl Cunningham as Rexx
Darren Marlar as Getlingsworth
Robert Pepper as Chris Calvin
Brad Smith as Tobias Harold
Steve Carter as Colonel McGarthy
Anthony Piselli as Vice President Leobin
Tom Stitzer as Admiral Squire
Katie Gomez as Aibrean Schmidt
Barry Wallace as John
Daniel McIntosh as Podswerth
Michael Liebmann as Young Rex
Michael Hudson as Buster
Myka Raymond as the Principal
Bill McItonsh as Gerard
Tony Raymond as the Bus Driver

Of Kings and Time Travelers is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivative 3.0 Unported License.