Star Trek: Outpost – Episode 14 – The 285th Rule of Acquisition

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Star Trek: Outpost – Episode 14 – The 285th Rule of Acquisition

Release Date: June 5, 2010

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While being held by Captain Britarra, Captain Tyrellian and Lieutenant Exler cross paths with an old friend — DaiMon Yurrel — who finds himself faced with making a difficult life-and-death decision. Meanwhile Chief Knox and Commander Torkelson make a startling discovery that could doom the economy of the entire sector.

Cast and Crew

Robert Pepper at Lt. Commander Greg Torkelson
Katie Gomez as Lt. Renova Exler
Jon Specht as Chief Burt Knox
Edward Gore as Captain Buchanan
Mark Zaricor as Mr. Big and Captain Tyrellian
MJ Cogburn as Captain Britarra
CC Petersen as Jenneth
Chris Cree as Melion
Steven Fendrich as Daimon Yurrel
Steve Carter as Ve’Kas
Bill McIntosh as Carson
Eddie Bowley as the Ferengi Computer
Bryce Raymond as Agent Aybar
Waleed Ovase as Glaminfo Control
Myka Raymond as The Glaminfo Dealer and The Computer

FEATURING: Original Music Composed and Performed by Matthew McLaren from S&M Productions

Announcer: Paul Lavelle
Writers/Directors/Producers: Daniel McIntosh and Tony Raymond
Executive Producer: Waleed Ovase
Audio Engineer: Tony Raymond