GC – Episode 3(Or 4?) – Updates, Frustrations, and Joining!

Giant Gnome Productions is proud to present another episode of our audio update series, which includes lots of ranting:

GnomeCast 2.0

Episode 3 (or 4?): Updates, Frustrations, and Joining

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We’re talking about updates, frustrations, and joining Giant Gnome Productions.  NO Catholic School Girls or Dominatrix’s this time! Woo us! No tangents! Waleed blames this on Ryan, he’s wayyyyy too serious.  More, after the jump!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Doctor Who: Legends of a Time Lord Season Finale on June 20th,
  • A new schedule for Doctor Who: Legends of a Time Lord, starting this August,
  • Our new show, Of Kings and Time Traveler’s, who’s trailer is now online! Click Here to visit!
  • Another new show, Psi Phi, which is due out at Giant Gnome Productions at the end of the Summer,
  • How to join Giant Gnome Productions:
    • “Supreme” Way: Join our yahoo group, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Giant_Gnome
    • Email us exec[at]giantgnome[dot]com, waldo[at]giantgnome[dot]com
  • Sign Off!

Cast and Crew

Ryan Cassavaugh – Host

Waleed Ovase – Host

Executive Producer of Giant Gnome Productions: Waleed Ovase