The GnomeCast – Episode 1 – 9 Times Longer than Advertised

Giant Gnome Productions is proud to present a NEW AND IMPROVED PREMIERE episode of our audio update series, which includes lots of ranting:

GnomeCast: New and Improved

Episode 1 – 9 Times Longer than Advertised

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In the New and Improved GnomeCast, hosts Waleed Ovase and Nick Armstrong talk about what is to come at Giant Gnome.  It was supposed to be only 5 minutes long, but turned into 45+ minutes with talk of Star Trek: Dimensions, recasting, and other important news and updates.  Enjoy!  [With minimal editing…]

Cast and Crew

Nick Armstrong – Host

Waleed Ovase – Host

Executive Producer of Giant Gnome Productions: Waleed Ovase