Star Trek: Outpost – Episode 12 – Slips, Strips, Bars & Bricks – Promotional Trailer

After being delayed in their pursuit of the pirate ship Solar Winds, the crew of the Chimera finally emerges from the Rough Seas and begins the desperate search for their lost crewmate. Meanwhile, back on DS3, a mysterious Ferengi Treasury Agent makes a demand of Captain Buchanan that may seal Exler’s fate — and that of the Chimera’s former commander.

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Star Trek: Outpost Episode 4 – Maneuvers and Deceptions – Promotional Trailer

Coming Soon from Giant Gnome Productions … Star Trek: Outpost – Episode 4 – Maneuvers and Deceptions

Release Date: Friday, July 5, 2009

While Captain Taldeen continues his investigation, the loyalties of Chimera’s crew are tested. And when another unexpected visitor comes to DS3, one of the crew learns that greater forces are at play and they are but a pawn in a larger game of…maneuvers and deceptions.

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