Things to be Thankful For

Happy Turkey Day to you and yours. We are so thankful to have wonderful listeners like you and we hope you get that extra helping of bloodwine and heart of targ you deserve.

We are ecstatic that Star Trek: Outpost and its cast are Finalists in the Audio Verse Awards in 8 categories!

According to the Audio Verse Awards website, “It was an interesting voting period last round. 172 eligible people voted, allowing for an amazing spread in the charts. Many contenders were cut by margins of one mere vote, and in some cases, the fifth place was held by two or even three contenders.”

Star Trek: Outpost’s 8 Finalist Category Nominations are:

  • Best Actor In a Fan/Adaptation Leading Role

Edward Winterose – Capt. Montaine Buchanan in Star Trek: Outpost by Giant Gnome Productions

  • Best Actress In a Fan/Adaptation Supporting Role

Katie Gomez – Lt. Renova Exler in Star Trek: Outpost by Giant Gnome Productions

  • Best Large Cast Ensemble in a Fan/Adaptation Production
  • Best Usage of Music in a Production
  • Best Audio Engineering for a Production
  • Ongoing: Of a Long-Form Fan/Adaptation Series
  • Best Long Form Fan Series of the Year
  • Best Fan Drama of the Year

There are some great contenders in the Audio Verse Awards! Voting has begun, and if you feel so inclined, we’d love it if you voted for us.

Congratulations to our cast and all the wonderful nominees. One more note if you do vote! Please be sure to support our actors who appear in other shows as well: