Space Net – Episode 1 – Night of the Sleepless Bandit, Part 1

Giant Gnome Productions is proud to announce the PREMIERE of their first original science fiction audio drama:

SpaceNet – Episode 1 – Night of the Sleepless Bandit Part 1


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Detective John Wallace is called into Rusty’s office to discover that he’s being given an assignment that might actually kill him, and will probably endanger the entire precinct. When he begins to investigate, he has a rather unpleasant surprise from an old friend…

Cast and Crew

Nick Wold as Detective Robert Walkins
Barry Smith as Lieutenant Paul “Rusty” Harriman
Jon Specht as Frank Garibaldi
Jules Ismail as Henry Larson
Tony Raymond as Terrence Whittaker
Waleed Ovase as Officer’s Roberts and Lawrents
Mark Zaricor as the Convict and other officers
Bill McIntosh as Detective John Wallace

Announcer: Waleed Ovase

Special Thanks to Tony Raymond.

Written, Produced, and Audio Engineered by Waleed Ovase

This is a Giant Gnome Production’s Audio Presentation.
Copyright 2009, Giant Gnome Productions.